Who can join CNA?

CNA is open to all actors playing a role in the Calypso environment, whether you are a user of Calypso-based solutions or a provider of Calypso-based solutions.

If you are a local or transit authority, if you operate a ticketing system using Calypso or deploy Calypso media for end-users (transport operators, service providers, banks, mobile phone operators, etc.), you join CNA as an Effective Member.

If you are a provider of Calypso-based solutions (IC manufacturers, card embedders, terminal providers, fare collection integrator, etc.) or a consulting company/study office helping users to implement Calypso, you join CNA as an Adhering Member.

All kind of CNA members (Effective or Adhering) can choose to get the Gold Member status, which gives direct access to the Board of Directors, and other advantages described below.


Why join CNA?

As an Effective Member (user of Calypso), you participate in all decisions on Calypso: evolution of specifications, security, election of representative Directors of the Board, approval of accounts and moral report, participation to the General Assembly. You may be a candidate to become a Director of the Board.

As an Adhering Member (Calypso provider), you represent the point of view of industry and manufacturers in CNA. You push the evolutions of Calypso in the adequate directions through your knowledge of the market and of the major technical evolutions to come. You can better anticipate the evolutions of Calypso, to implement them in your systems or products.

Being a CNA member, effective or adhering, provides several different advantages and services; among them, not exhaustively:

  • Access to all reserved-to-members Documentation and Guidelines
  • Participation to all Working Groups
  • Access to the generic Calypso Applet, and to HCE guidelines and Authorization Modules (HAM)
  • Access to the Hoplink scheme of interoperability for Calypso networks
  • Access to Certification
  • Access to all Services provided by CNA at a preferential rate (trainings, information days, assistance from Calypso experts, etc.).

CNA, as a true platform of exchanges, organizes different events, conferences, seminars, user-days, on different topics, in various parts of the world. CNA members can benefit of a free access to these events. To know more about up-coming events:

As a Gold Member, you benefit from the following complementary advantages:

  • Participation to the Board as a Director, at the heart of the Calypso governance.
  • Your brand visible on each event organized by CNA (brochure, program, news, kakemono, etc.).
  • Ten days of assistance from Calypso experts free of charge.


How to join CNA?

To know everything about participation in CNA, please have a look at the  CNA Statutes.

The financial conditions (yearly membership fees) are the following, depending on member categories:

  • For a transport authority or association : € 300 (free of charge the first year)
  • For transport or service operators : € 1000 to € 3000 (depending on the turnover)
  • For manufacturers, integrators & providers : € 3000
  • For consulting companies:
    • ​€ 600 (< 10 people)
    • € 1000 (10 - 50 people)
    • ​€ 3000 (> 50 people)
  • ​For Gold members (whatever the category) : € 25 000

You may directly register to CNA by filling in and sending the Registration Form. If you are interested in one or more services offered by CNA, you may indicate it in the same form.

Your request to be a CNA member will be subjected to the CNA Board of Directors and, after approval from the Board, you will receive the invoice for the current year. Your membership will be effective after receipt of your payment by bank transfer to the following account:


Who are the CNA members?

Today, CNA welcomes more than 100 members.

You may see all the current members of CNA on the CNA Members list.