TTG London & Open Transport Meet Up

Come and visit us on our booth E35. Open Solutions for transportation to discover. Participate also to the 1st Open Transport Meet Up the 27/01

Come to our booth and discover Calypso range of products for cards and mobile NFC / eSE or HCE, our White Paper "Best Praticies for efficient ticketing systems" and the Open Source API Eclipse Keyple, shortlisted to TTG Awards.

Join us also during a great session about Open Standards pre sented jointly by Philippe Vappereau, Chairman of CNA and Philippe Martineau, OSPT Alliance President
"Spoilt for choice? Why PTOs & PTAs need open standards in a crowded market"
£28 Jan 2020 from 16:40 - 17:00, Theatre Three

Are you going to attend Transport Ticketing Global? Warm up the day before, Monday the 27th, by joining us to the first Open Transport Meetup in London.

With great presentations about Openess & Ticketing by Paulo Barreto from Calypso Networks Association, Christian Senly from Cubic Transportation Systems, Giles Bailey from STRATAGEEB LTD, Nicole Louvat from Wizway Solutions, and Kisio Digital.

Participate to the 1st Open Transport Meet Up the 27/01 ! Discover all program and register here