Mobile Ticketing with Calypso in Paris: Navigo becomes Smart Navigo

Valérie Pécresse, President of the Ile-de-France region, Guillaume Pepy, CEO of SNCF and Hiba Fares, Director of Customer Services and Marketing in RATP have presented, during the VivaTech exhibition, the mobile ticketing experimentation based on Calypso which will be launched in Paris in next Autumn.

It will be possible for customers to buy and validate their transport tickets on their NFC smartphone.

Île-de-France Mobilités, the transit authority of Paris area, is ongoing a modernization program of ticketing, which will lead to a gradual disappearance of magnetic tickets, replaced by new contactless medium, particularly the NFC Smartphones.

The experimentation will integrate all the transport operators of the Paris region, SNCF, the French railways, RATP, and OPTILE which regroups the private bus companies. Book of T+ tickets, weekly and monthly season tickets will be reloadable in a first step in the SIM card, in embedded Secure Element of the phone in next steps. Customers will avoid traditional queues at the vending machine or at the booth and will benefit of a validation running with phone turned on or off.

This application is possible thanks to the generic Calypso applet provided by CNA,which is now certified on 8 Javacard platforms, and available both for SIM cards or eSE, fully emulating a Calypso card, with all its performances and security, without any modification of the Calypso rev 3.1 fixed infrastructure.

Our member Wizway Solutions is the provider of the full solution.