Last Calypso Event

Mobile Ticketing, MaaS, Open Payment... 90 attendees particpated to the Calypso International User Day the 27th and 28th of September 2018 at Torre del'Arsenale - Venice, Italy. An event organised by CNA with ACTV 

About ninety participants from authorities, operators and manufacturers joined this event dedicated to the evolutions of ticketing with Calypso. Mobility as a Service was at the heart of the exchanges with strong highlights on Mobile Ticketing projects, Account Based solutions and Open Schemes.

The first session was dedicated to the Mobility as a Service concept from major Italian public transport actors, with the participation of Mr Seno, ACTV General Manager, Mr Sassoli, Club Italia Chairman, Mr Proia, General Director of ASSTRA and Mr Ratto, Consorzio Unico Campania Chairman. This very rich roundtable about perspectives and major issues of the MaaS in the Italian public transport context was followed by a discussion of the role of Ticketing as a contribution to the MaaS. With Trenitalia, ATM Milano, SNCF and ACTV who highlighted seamless door-to-door travel, mobility account and interoperability.

The Second Session was dedicated to Mobile Ticketing, starting with a technical presentation of the possible solutions to integrate Calypso in the major player’s mobile phones, Apple, Samsung, Google, highlighting feasibility, benefits and restraints, followed by presentations of Mobile Ticketing projects: HCE solution deployed successfully by TPER in Bologna, with more than 15.000 tickets sold since April 2018, mobile strategy and launch of an application based on a NFC solution by IDFM, the transit authority in Paris Region Area , and the Turin project, with field trials, proposed by 5T.

A third Session was about the evolution of ticketing towards open schemes, with topics like Open loop versus Closed loop, Open Payment versus Account Based Ticketing, card centric versus system centric, impact on costs and CRM. CB, french Cartes Banquaires IEG, BMC from Belgium and AEP Ticketing Solution exposed their vision, all sharing the view that all these schemes are complementary and allow to offer a full panel of solutions to all users of public transport, and more generally mobility. The last round table went a step forward to openness with Open Data Soft and Eclipse Fundation which provided evidences of how opening is a tool to dynamize a closed market and create value, for the benefice of providers and operators, as shown by ACTV, which will integrate into its roadmap the use of Open Source components.

Other topics of main interest were also the focus of these two days, such as the place of multiservice in the MaaS, with  the presentation of some very interesting multiservice application based on Calypso in Riga, Rennes, and Venice, or such as considerations about ticketing adapted to anonymous or occasional users of Public Transport, with the presentation of the the first certified CLAP product provided by HID, a new middle-range product ensuring the Calypso security at a reduced cost.

CNA warmly thanks ACTV for its wonderful welcome and the amazing organisation of this event, all the speakers for their high level presentations, and the attendees for their presence and active participation.