HCE Security issues

A “Security” study with Mines Telecom Paris, led jointly by CNA and AFIMB.

In the field of mobile ticketing, the CNA mission is to issue specifications answering to all needs of users, taking into account different eco systems and institutional contexts, benefiting from the most recent available technologies and in the respect of its principles of security, interoperability and openness.

Among the different solutions for mobile ticketing, HCE represents a specific stake in terms of security, and CNA has to provide adequate answers to legitimate requirements in this matter, thanks to a step-by-step program of development. Thus:

CNA published last summer the version 1.2 of the specifications of the "Calypso HCE application".     

-          At this stage, they are strictly experimental and limited to pilots,

-          They need to be completed by security measures which induce back-office evolutions,

-          These security measures are presently studied, and will be published in the "HCE Calypso Guidelines" to come in June 2017,

-          The "HCE Calypso Guidelines" will include the recommendations of the study ordered by AFIMB and CNA, realized by an independent expert from the “Mines Telecom Paris Institute”.

The operational on-the-field deployment of a HCE Calypso solution will then follow the specifications and the minimum requirements of security of the "HCE Calypso Guidelines".

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