Low cost card, high security level: CLAP offers an ideal solution for low-cost and high-volume contactless cards production.

For public transport, events, access control and many other applications, avoid magnetic stripes, barcode or QR-code, proprietary contactless tickets: take advantage of a fully secure and standardized contactless portable object with CLAP. It is a simplified Calypso Operating System which uses a subset of the Calypso rev3.1, with the same cryptography and security. It can be embedded in small components, paper or soft plastic, which allows it to be sold in automatic vending machines.

It has been designed by CNA to answer to operator needs, with a straight and fruitful cooperation with manufacturers in a dedicated CNA working group.


Main benefits

> High security and fast contactless transactions

> Fixed file structure similar to existing ones (e.g. CDLight, CD 97) for a smooth integration

into existing Calypso schemes

> Strictly compliant to all standards

> Available from multiple suppliers

> Reusable and reloadable cards for a more sustainable ticketing

> CNA end-to-end certification process for manufacturers

> Certified CLAP cards already available

> An immediate answer to quickly address occasional users

> Perfectly adapted to ABT schemes, highly secure authentication.


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CLAP is the perfect solution for the anonymous user. Unlike the magnetic ticket it makes use of contactless as the Calypso card, thus lowering maintenance costs, and unlike the memory contactless ticket, being a subset of Calypso rev3.1, it allows for greater and quicker integration with existing Calypso card systems. Its level of security and durability allows networks to approach anonymous users like never before.