Conference by CNA in Sao Paulo

The 6th of May 2019, in order to launch the it's office in Brazil, CNA organises a day of conference in Sao Paulo: Smart Ticketing, the key for mobility, with Calypso, designed for smart cities.*Reserved to CNA members 



9h00: Welcome Coffee
9h30: Launching of the Smart Ticketing Conference, by Luiz Fernando Portella, CNA do Brazil representative
9h35: Opening Word
9h45: Presentation of CNA and its role in the ticketing field, by Philippe Vappereau, CNA Chairman
10h00: Challenges of interoperability in Brazil, by M. André Dantas, Technical Director of NTU
10h20: Use case: The OTLIS model in Lisbon, interoperability from transportation to services, by Tiago Lopes Farias, OTLIS Chairman, Carris Chairman
10h50: How to deal with a multi-provider ecosystem? by Paulo Barreto, CNA Ticketing expert
11h20: Pause
11h35: Use case: Regional interoperability in the North of Italy, Piemonte, by Claudio Giacobbe, 5T IT Project Manager
12h05: Tools to help networks to set up a Contactless Ticketing System, by Paulo Barreto, CNA Technical Expert
12h40: Sharing knowledge about key points for a Smart Contactless Ticketing, by Ralph Gambetta, CNA General Secretary
13h00: Conclusion of the conference, by Philippe Vappereau, CNA Chairman, Luiz Fernando Portella, CNA do Brazil Representative
13h20: Network Lunch
15h00: Technical visit at SPTrans - Complete
17h30: End of the day.


Reserved to CNA Members



At the Auditorium of the The Brazilian Bristish Center
R. Ferreira de Araújo, 741 3º andar
CEP 05428-002 São Paulo SP Brasil


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