Calypso 2015 Awards Ceremony

For the third time, on the occasion of CNA annual Open Session, the Calypso Awards ceremony took place on the 18th of November.

The winner of the category Best Customer Value was Rennes Métropole with KorriGo Services and the winner of the category Best Innovation was Gemalto with Celego Calypso G1.


Best Customer Value

KorriGo Services from Rennes Métropole is a digital device (card calypso with application AMG) to access the widest range of local services connected to an open source platform designed to guarantee the confidentiality of data.

The other nominees in the Best Customer Value category were:

STM avec OPUS en ligne, qui est un nouveau service qui permet maintenant à nos clients d’acheter leurs titres de transport et de consulter le contenu de leur carte en ligne à partir de leur ordinateur personnel avec l’aide d’un lecteur de carte

Interparking with Pcard+, which is based on the Belgian Calypso implementation Mobib, is a dedicated Parking & Loyalty application was developed around the MPP1 DF. The spirit of a true offline capable Calypso application was implemented in a way that parking transactions are securely stored on the card, allowing secure and flexible access control for cars and pedestrians.


Best Innovation

Gemalto with Celego Calypso G1 which is a product designed by Gemalto, offering an exclusive range of new benefits for Calypso transport systems and local authorities.

The other nominees in the Best Innovation category were:

ADCET with its project : AMG. The objective of the project is to define a new open standard for multiservice applications on cards and mobiles based on Calypso This standard allows the management of any type of services in the territories ( cities, universities, ...). For example, areas that appear most frequently in the needs study are: Canteens and nurseries, sports and leisure activities, Culture and Tourism, parking, Loyalty programs Physical and logical access control.

Spirtech with Calypso HCE Application has designed an innovative solution to use mobile phones in existing Calypso contactless ticketing networks using the NFC HCE technology.

ASK with HCE mobeePass application can be downloaded on any Android NFC smartphones, whatever telecom operator you may use. With cutting edge secured technology, mobile phone allows the end user to purchase and receive any transport contract. The security is ensured by a highly efficient software secure element associated to a remote security platform. Those contracts are validated through the NFC interface of the phone, as if they were using regular RFID plastic cards or tickets.

With the intent to reward the actors on the market who contributed to the promotion and development of Calypso, the “Calypso Awards” represent the most prestigious yearly reward. CNA was very happy to see such a wide participation to the Awards and thanks all participants for their work and dedication.

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