Bologna, Calypso User Group Meeting

With great success a Calypso User Group Meeting was held in Bologna in  Italy on 5 march 2015.

With more than thirty participants from transport companies, industry, telecommunication and service providers a large range of topics was covered. Especially the aspects related to the Calypso applet on mobile devices and HCE were of relevance to the audience. Furthermore Smart Ticketing Alliance activities were presented.


The presentations made during the meeting are available below.


Brief outline of the institutional co-operation framework of CNA and the set up of the Smart Ticketing Alliance

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 - CNA Bologna STA (Italian)

Description of the SIM-centric approach with the CNA Calypso Applet delivered for free to Calypso members. 

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 - CNA Calypso Applet 

Overview of the status of the on-going works made within the CNA technical working groups about a Calypso solution based on HCE.

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 - Calypso & HCE

Outlook from the Seminar by Philippe Vappereau, Chairman of CNA

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 (Italian)