Account Based Ticketing with Calypso

Following the publication of our White Paper Calypso and Account Based Ticketing, CNA launched in June 2017 a Technical Working Group dedicated to ABT in order to define a set of guidelines of specifications for an ABT Calypso system.

Last week CNA published the release 1 of the Account Based Ticketing-Calypso guidelines. Those guidelines provide a framework to implement an ABT system by taking advantage of the off-line capabilities of Calypso in order to mitigate the shortcomings of ABT due to the limitations of telecommunications networks. For instance, this document presents a proposition of the way to on storing some data in the media in order to perform limited off-line and local transactions to overcome connection issues while providing a high quality of service to travellers and protecting revenues for transport companies. The group was also careful to find the right balance to limit as far as possible these ABT data, in order not to fall back into a card centric system architecture.

CNA wishes to thank the active contributors to this document: BMC, IDFM, RATP Smart Systems, Otlis, SNCF, Spirtech, Thales, and address a special thank you to Cubic for its leading role on the subject and for its major contributions. The objective for CNA is now to promote these guidelines in order to have a first implementation to test them on the field and potentially make them evolve into real actual Calypso specifications.

These guidelines can be downloaded on the Technical Calypso Website and are Reserved for CNA members only.

Get also access to the Public White Paper "Calypso and Account Based Ticketing"