2017, the first year of a new era for Calypso

2017 is the first year of a new era for Calypso. To answer to the deep and accelerated changes of ticketing, whether functional or technological, Calypso Networks Association has engaged a heavy program.

Whatever the solution, the provider, the technical choice, the Calypso brand must remain, for all, a guarantee of security and interoperability.

In a ticketing environment, more and more complex, with more and more solutions, with more and more actors, CNA now intends, not only to develop and promote globally Calypso as it has been used to do it for fifteen years, but also to adopt a new technical and business model, inspired from the open source one.


Indeed, CNA’s responsibility is to guarantee to Calypso’s users the sustainability of this ticketing standard, used worldwide in more than 125 cities and regions. This very simple principle requires that Calypso remains in touch with the needs of its users, at the forefront of the most recent technologies, and able to adapt to new business models.

To manage all this CNA has set-up a permanent team, with the relevant skills, dedicated to lead and coordinate all development and promotion activities with the support of many contributors from its members.

The previous statutes of the Association were no more able to provide a relevant legal framework in phase with the ambition and with the program of CNA.

Consequently, on 2017, January 30th, Calypso Networks Association new statutes have been registered by the Commercial Court of Brussels.

The new statutes are intended to give a better-balanced governance between the different actors, operators, authorities, providers, to open the Association to a community of developers, to provide the necessary means for improving its capacity of action and its support to the Calypso’s users.

A gold status has been created, accessible to all members who wish to bring a stronger support to the Association, giving a direct access to the Board and CNA governance, and with the benefice of Calypso’s experts support.