1st Qatar Smart Ticketing & Digital Services Forum

1st Qatar Smart Ticketing & Digital Services Forum, organized by Calypso Networks Association

In this 21th Century, worldwide cities are facing to multiple environmental, economic and demographic challenges.  At the same time demand for access to better, more resilient and more inclusive mobility services throughout cities is increasing. That is why Calypso Networks Association, the association promoting interoperable, multiservice and multiprovider solution for contactless ticketing, organized in the MENA region the 1st Smart Ticketing & Digital Services Forum, which took place from 17 to 18 February 2016 in Doha, Qatar. Over 50 highly qualified public transport key players came together over two days to discuss the latest innovations in ticketing and digital services for public transport.

Expert speakers, from transport authority, operators & industrial  providers share experiences of successful deployment of ticketing, fleet and passenger information projects around the world. Experiences and set-ups in Portugal and Belgium allowed to get a view on how to solve interoperability on a national level. Sharing different views on EMV, future digitalization of ticketing services and hardware components completed the set of themes of the 2016 edition of the Forum. Finally, Ticketing and Passenger Information on mobile was one of the most discussed subject, with examples showing all the opportunity to help citizens to be informed and to purchase and carry electronic tickets using their mobile phones, at the exact place and time at which transportation is needed.


Mr. Abdullah Al Motawa, Project Manager at Ar-Riyadh Development Authority

“The Metro of Riyadh has been designed with the latest proven technologies, and concerning automatic fare collection and ticketing, the ambition is to have a world class public transport system, leading to propose to the customer all the modes of electronic payment available: EMV systems, E-wallet, NFC and mobile ticketing, smart cards, always with the most intuitive and ergonomic design.”


Mr. Philippe Vappereau, Chairman Calypso Networks Association

“Calypso is not only a high-range open, interoperable and multiservice solution for contactless ticketing; it is also a unique case of a technology whose sustainability is guaranteed by its users, independently of any industrial monopoly”.