CNA 2018 Activity Report

Discover the highlights of 2018 from Calypso Networks Association through our activity report.

Last year was full of developments and changes for CNA: New brand and certification policy, creation of HCE Guidlines, launch of an ABT Working Group, 28 new members and 9 certified products including two for our new mid-range CLAP product, new Calypso Networks in Africa and Latin America... 

Discover the association's highlights in our activity report:

2018 Activity Report

5th Budapest Smart Ticketing and Digital Services Forum

The 5th edition of the Smart Ticketing and Digital Services Forum gathered more than 90 experts from over 20 countries. This two days event on the 11th and 12th of April confirmed its leading position in the CEE region. Achievements in terms of regional digitalization and smart ticketing projects have included Bucharest, Pecs and evolutions in the Republic of Slovenia. New technological trends in the mobility and ticketing eco system have been presented like the use of artificial intelligence, open source based ticketing and payment start up success story. The mayor trend of ABT was discussed including experiences from Czech Republic, Latvia and Estonia. Success stories of mobile ticketing from France, Switzerland and Germany have been presented and challenged by the continuous growth rates of ticketing vending machine sales. For the first time a session dedicated to digitalization in railways was held and insights provided by MAV Start, ÖBB and CFR. MaaS the current trend in mobility was discussed from various perspectives and Milan and the MaaS Alliance have outlined their related policies and experiences. 
The vision of the European Investment Bank and their assessment of ICT was the opener to a panel on shaping the next digital decade. Here industry, NGOs and further stakeholders have shared with the audience their view on the developments in the coming years. During the forum participants had the possibility to actively discuss the current challenges of use of technology, potential game changers in the business environment and learn from experiences on the field. The wide coverage of themes and the relevant experts present have contributed to high level talks and insights. Seen the increased success of the forum the organizers look forward to the sixth edition of the Budapest forum in 2020.

Conferência do CNA em São Paulo

No dia 6 de maio de 2019, para lançar o seu escritório no Brasil, a CNA organiza um dia de conferência em São Paulo: Smart Ticketing, a chave da mobilidade, com Calypso, destinada a cidades inteligentes.



9h00: Café de boas-vindas
9h30: Lançamento da Conferência Smart Ticketing, por Luiz Fernando Portella, representante da CNA do Brasil
9h35: Palavra de Abertura
9h45: Apresentação da CNA e do seu papel no campo da bilhetagem por Philippe Vappereau, Presidente da CNA
10h00: Desafios da interoperabilidade no Brasil, por André Dantas, Diretor Técnico da NTU
10h20: Caso de uso: O modelo OTLIS em Lisboa: Interoperabilidade - do transporte aos serviços, por Tiago Lopes Farias, Presidente do Conselho de Administração da OTLIS, Presidente da Carris
10h50: Como lidar com um ecossistema multiprovedores?, por Paulo Barreto, especialista em Técnico da CNA
11h20: Pausa 
11h35: Caso de uso: Interoperabilidade regional no Norte de Itália, Piemonte, por Claudio Giacobbe, Gerente de Projetos de TI da 5T
12h05: Ferramentas para ajudar as redes a configurar um sistema de bilhetagem, por Paulo Barreto, Especialista Técnico da CNA
12h40: Partilha de conhecimentos sobre pontos chave para um sistema de bilhetagem, por Ralph Gambetta, Secretário Geral da CNA 
12h55: Conclusão da conferência, por Philippe Vappereau, Presidente da CNA, Luiz Fernando Portella, Representante da CNA do Brasil
13h00: Almoço de Relacionamento
15h00: Visita técnica à SPTrans - Cheio
17h30: Fim do dia


No Auditório do The Brazilian Bristish Center
R. Ferreira de Araújo, 741 3º andar
CEP 05428-002 São Paulo SP Brasil