CNA provides HCE Authorization Modules to secure the Calypso HCE ecosystem

Mobile Ticketing & Transportation: CNA provides HCE Authorization Modules to secure the Calypso HCE ecosystem.


To help implement an HCE ecosystem in accordance with the specifications of the Calypso HCE application, CNA provides HAMs - HCE Authorization Modules. HAMs are hardware security modules able to perform the cryptography requested for the security of a Calypso HCE application, which is based on a PKI architecture where CNA is acting as the Certification Authority.


Each HAM contains a set of RSA keys with a CNA certificate, and the identifiers of the HCE application provider and of the transport network. It contributes to protecting the exchanges of a distant server with the NFC mobile phone, either for the personalization and the activation of the HCE application, or the loading of transport contracts in the mobile phone.


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Calypso User Day, Venice -Italy, 28/29 September 2017

ACTV, the transport operator of Venice, and CNA jointly organized the 28th and 29th of September the Calypso User Day in the wonderful location of the Venice Arsenal. 

About fifty participants from Italian authorities, operators and manufacturers joined this event dedicated to the evolutions of ticketing. Indeed, CNA and ACTV share common interest about topics such as Mobile Ticketing, Account Based solutions, which were at the heart of the exchanges.


The first session was dedicated to the ACTV projects, with presentation of Palmari Marinai (the universal control and sale device for vaporetto sailors) by Gianluca Cuzzolin, Direttore dell’Esercizio Navigazione, and the ACTV approach for innovation and integration leading to a 2.0 mobility for the citizens, by Morgan Chirici, , IT manager Gruppo AVM.

These presentations raise many exchanges with the participants about the evolutions of ticketing, particularly the Open Payment and Account Based solutions, and their impact both on the customer, and on the marketing policy of the operators.

The first day ended by a dinner offered by ACTV at the casino di Venezia.


The second day was dedicated to the evolutions of Calypso, its new ambition to be the leader of Open Ticketing, and was animated jointly by Giovanni Seno, Direttore Generale di ACTV, and Philippe Vappereau, chairman of CNA.

It included presentations from Philippe Guillaumin, CNA technical coordinator, about the Calypso HCE solution for mobile ticketing, built to ensure the best compromise between simplicity of this technology and security which must remain the DNA of Calypso.

Paulo Barreto from OTLIS Lisbon presented the new Pay As You Go solution proposed to travellers, based on Calypso, and linked to bank accounts, demonstrating the full compatibility of Calypso with Account Based Ticketing (ABT). The analysis of this new scheme for ticketing was completed by the presentation from Nicolas Generali, Technical Manager of CNA, of the ABT white paper recently issued by CNA, a topic of major interest for those who intend to integrate it in their existing Calypso system.

The Calypso Light Application, a new middle-range product ensuring the Calypso security at a reduced cost was also presented by Nicolas Generali.

Valentina Zajackowski, Marketing Manager of CNA, presented the strategy of Calypso towards open source solution, to propose adapted ticketing to the new forms of mobility, and Pierre Terrée, Calypso technical expert, concretised this strategy with the description of Keyple, the Software Development Kit (SDK) which will be soon available to all developers through an open source license.

Find all the presentation made during the Calypso User Day.

CNA strongly thanks ACTV for its wonderful welcome and amazing organization of the event, the speakers for their high level presentations, and all the participants for their assistance to the Calypso User Day in Venice.




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