Calypso open session the 5th of November

Year after year, the Calypso open session is the yearly event which regroups all the Calypso community for a nice evening.

Once again, the 2014 open session was a real success, with more than 100 participants gathered on the Melody Blues peniche on the Seyne River. It was a great opportunity for informal exchanges and to learn more about the development of Calypso and the main orientations that CNA will undertake for the next years.


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Calypso promotes convergence between banking and ticketing

For a long time banks and transport operators have been looking for a solution to offer their customers a single support for payment and access to public transport and at the same time eliminate paper tickets.

In France the development of contactless payment cards and a common ticketing application (ABC), based on the standard Calypso (Triangle 2), create favorable conditions for the convergence between banking and public transport.

Indeed the existence of a national application, accepted in most transit systems, opens up its generic integration into all bank cards in optimizing costs.

In this perspective Calypso Networks association  and ADCET created a joint working group, bringing together banks, transport operators, manufacturers, the Ministry of Transport and territories to work on the customer experience and launch pilot sites to validate the end-users' appetite for this concept.

The number of casual tickets France is estimated at over 1 billion tickets annually and is growing. Dematerialization of these tickets is interesting for all parties: it is ecological, it improves the lives of users, it reduces the costs of issuing and significantly increases the number of contactless payments.

The last results of the working group will be presented in several conferences:

At Cartes November 6th

June 2014 - Election of Board Members

Calypso General Assembly took place on 27th of June 2014 and proceeded to the election of the Board members. Were elected:


RATP – Régie Autonome des Transports Parisiens

STIB - Société des Transports Intercommunaux de Bruxelles

BMC - Belgian Mobility Card Interparking

TSP - Tecnologie e Servizi per il Pubblico

LKRKN - Landkreis Konstanz

SNCF – Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer

OTLIS - Operadores de Transportes da Região de Lisboa Rigas Karte Sia


The Board appointed among its members:

Philippe VAPPERERAU (RATP) as Chairman

Franck HÄMMERLE, Ralph GAMBETTA (Landkreis Konstanz) as General Secretary

Erick BAELE (BMC) as Treasurer

Joël EPPE (SNCF) as Chief Operational Officer