Happy New Year 2019

Major changes and new features for CNA for this new year. Discover the word of the Chairman, Philippe Vappereau

Dear Calypso friends and partners,

After two years spent designing and building the future of Calypso, in 2019 we will witness the first implementations.

Our open source SDK, Eclipse Keyple™, is now available to all. It showcases our determination to lead ticketing to fully open solutions, at each level of the system, and to hand over control to users. Keyple is the most simple, reliable and flexible solution for managing Calypso and other ticketing technologies. Keyple brings Calypso’s feature-set to developers that address integrated mobility, public transport, event management and venue access.

A Brand Policy has been set up; it relies on the thorough certification of products and on a new license, available from the 1st of January 2019, which represents a contribution from manufacturers to the sustainability of Calypso. This license replaces the previous one, which was based on patents, to ensure both to users and providers, that  after the termination of patents, Calypso will keep its promises on security and interoperability and will remain a guarantor of fair competition.

Keyple and the Brand Policy are the two cornerstones of the CNA strategy, which is shared by many actors, as evidenced by the increased number of CNA members which reaches now 100, and which are more active than ever.

It gives us more responsibility to answer their new and varied needs, to assist them in using Calypso, to organize many events to encourage exchanges, networking and sharing  experience.

I think that we can collectively be proud of these achievements, and I would like to thank all contributors, CNA members, the Board of Directors and, of course, our dedicated team that worked hard to reach the objectives that we set up two years ago.

The Calypso team joins me in wishing you a very Happy New Year 2019.

Philippe Vappereau
CNA Chairman

Discover the 2018 Winners and Nominees of the Calypso Awards

On November the 28th was held in Cannes the 6th Calypso Awards Ceremony, with 14 projects in competition. In front of over more 120 participants, the Best 2018 Innovations and Customer Services have been rewarded by Francis Sykes, Master of this ceremony.

Dedicated to industrial, service providers, integrators, etc. This award covers hardware, software or services.

Winner: HID Global with Soma Atlas CLAP operating System
Soma Atlas CLAP Operating System from HID Global is the first certified implementation of the CLAP specification based on the Infineon SLE77 platform ISO 14443 type A & B.

Nominee: Famoco with the FX920 Validator
The FX920 is the first validator which includes the open source Eclipse Keyple SDK developed to enable many new Calypso applications in many sectors.

Nominee: SELP with the Elipse Calypso Card
Elipse Calypso by SELP is the second certified CLAP product with the characteristic to be based on a full ISO 14443 type A technology, the NXP E201382 EMBRACE component.


For promoters and users of Calypso: local authorities, transport operators, associations, etc.

Winner: TPER with the MUVER project
The project allows for the first time a regional ticketing interoperability using mobile phones in Italy entirely based on the Calypso standard.

Winner: Ile de France Mobilités with the Calypso Mobile ticketing for Paris Region
Calypso mobile ticketing is about to be rolled out on the whole public transport network of Ile-de-France (Paris Region). The experimentation started in July 2018 and the planned commercial launch will take place in 2019.

Nominee: OTLIS with the Viva Kiosk
VIVA Kiosk, launched in September 2018, allows users to request and receive, in 1 minute, a Calypso smartcard for use in Lisbon Public Transports.


Discover all the projects in details

An event sponsored by

CNA participated to Africities 8 Summit

CNA participated to Africities 8 Summit, 20th – 24th november, in Marrakesh, Kingdom of Morocco 


Calypso Networks Association has been invited to Africities, the United Cities and Local Governments of Africa’s flagship pan-African event that is held every 3 years in one of the five regions of Africa. It mobilizes communities and local authorities in African countries, as well as financial institutions, civil society groups and development partners at continental and international level.

Calypso Networks Association took part at the session “The revolution of sustainable mobility”. Speakers discuss about available and implemented solutions on the continent in order to increase sustainable mobility, and answer to the following questions: 

Are hybridization of modes of transport in the city and operators’  interoperability sufficiently integrated in practices and administrative processes? 

How and from whom to mobilize the necessary resources which are still today insufficient on this sector? 

This session has questioned current practices and alliances to be strengthened to innovate more and more towards a transition of the sector in Africa.


Paulo Barreto, our Ticketing Expert present how interoperability and seamless travels with tools adapted at each typology of city.


More information about Africites : www.africities.org/.