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New revisions of Triangle documents

CNA published new revisions of : the Triangle specifications (available for registered users) and the Triangle Best Practices (only available for CNA members)

The main evolution is the management of an ID photo in Triangle, in compliance with privacy protection rules : a ciphering mechanism of the picture is proposed.

This feature is mainly dedicated to Triangle application on mobile phones, where the use of personal contracts needs an identification of the bearer.

These new documents also deliver several improvements and precisions, and are making a better distinction between what is mandatory (specifications) and what is recommendations (Best Practices).

CNA New Members

CNA strongly enjoys to welcome 15 new members in the first semestrer of 2015.


Calypso is more and more attractive for transport authorities, operators and manufacturers, thanks to its unique qualities on the market as an open, secure and interoperable ticketing standard.

The best evidence is the huge increase of CNA membership during the first semester of 2015, more than 25% of increase and 15 new members, with today 62 members belonging to our association.

La Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois, 5T, ORANGE, ANY Security Printing Company, GMX S.A.S., MICROSAFE, BYTEMARK, KAISER SERVICES, OPENTECH, PAYCERT, PLUSERVICE, EM MICROELECTRONIC, X INFOTECH, CART, STOORM5 are now bringing to CNA their knowledge and experience, and benefit from all the services that CNA offers to its members.

As Chairman of CNA, I really enjoy this dynamism of our association, which faces successfully all the stakes for a more efficient and customer-oriented ticketing.  I welcome these new members and thank them for their contribution to the development of our ticketing standard.


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