France: Strasbourg chooses Calypso

For its mobile transport application U’GO, the Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS) has chosen Calypso.

CTS is the transport operator for the Strasbourg area. With around thirty bus routes and six tram lines, CTS operates the biggest interconnection network in France. In addition to this basic network, CTS offers its customers:

- Self-service bicycle rentals (Vélhop)

- A car-sharing service, in partnership with Autotrement

- Coach service within the department via its subsidiary CTBR

For its mobile transport application - U’GO, CTS has chosen Calypso.

When launching the ticketing service, CTS originally decided to use two technologies, Calypso and a rival product. At the beginning, Calypso was being less used however, the trend has now reversed:

- in terms of security, Calypso offers better assurance against fraud

- and because CTS wishes to develop home reloading, which is cheaper with contact readers, something only possible with Calypso cards, given that they benefit from a double interface (contact and contactless).

In 2014 CTS decided to launch a mobile ticketing service to improve access to public transport, and to simplify the lives of its customers by avoiding queues.


To do so, it developed a mobile application - U’GO, which offers a secure service both for purchasing and validating tickets and allows customers to choose the ticket best suited to their budget. CTS has decided to use Calypso’s Triangle applet, which is easier to implement than other competing solutions and which, due to its interoperable nature, allows for the application to share resources when saved to the SIM. For 2015 in particular, CTS is planning to develop interoperability with SNCF.

U’GO works with all major mobile networks and is compatible with around fifty Android NFC-compatible phones.

To minimise the cost of development and in order to avoid having to update terminals, CTS has developed an original system:

- At the 1300 points of access to public transport there are NFC tags that allow the application to process pre-registered tickets in the form of tokens in the Triangle Cardlet.

- Following purchase, the tickets are loaded onto a back-office application account to ensure the safe-keeping of these tickets in the event of loss or theft of the mobile phone.

The project partners are Ixxi (AMO) and Sopra, who have developed the mobile application and OBS who has provided the TSM (Trusted Service Manager). The Triangle Cardlet is provided by CNA.

Calypso 2014 Awards ceremony

For the second time, on the occasion of CNA annual Open Session, the Calypso Awards ceremony took place on the 5th of November.

The winner of the category Best Customer Value was Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois (CTS) with U’GO and the winner of the category Best Innovation was CARD4B SYSTEMS S.A with VIVA Parking & VIVA Portal.


Best Customer Value

With U’GO, for the first time, CTS clients have access to the whole range of ticket options on smart media. Thus U'GO also contributes to sustainable development. 12 million tickets are used in Strasbourg every year. Replacing these tickets on smart media will have an immediate impact on the environment.

The other nominees in the Best Customer Value category were:

Card Project srl with its Titolo Integrato Campania or T.I.C. which is the new regional electronic ticket for the Campania Region. The new regional smart cards will be used by over 3,5 million people and are designed for multi-application use and multi operator interoperability.

Lower Normandy Region with its TER NFC Basse-Normandie project that is a service that allows customers to buy and validate their regional trains tickets with an NFC smart phone. It offers a simplified service for passengers at every step: shopping, payment, validation and control.


Best Innovation

CARD4B SYSTEMS S.A with VIVA Parking & VIVA Portal provides citizens full customer service and interoperability between parking and transport. The system is used for on-street parking, parking lots, reserved historical and pedestrian zones.

The other nominees in the Best Innovation category were:

Poste Mobile with its project : Android Mobile App for Calypso Ticketing Lifecycle Management. The project developed a general purpose Android Mobile Application to manage the full lifecycle of a Calypso Ticket. The application interacts with a secure element in the mobile device (i.e. NFC SIM Card). with its RAV-KAV App which is a mobile application that uses NFC in Android phones in order to give passengers of public transport in Israel comprehensive information about their Calypso card.


With the intent to reward the actors on the market who contributed to the promotion and development of Calypso, the “Calypso Awards” represent the most prestigious yearly reward. CNA was very happy to see such a wide participation to the Awards and thanks all participants for their work and dedication.



Calypso open session the 5th of November

Year after year, the Calypso open session is the yearly event which regroups all the Calypso community for a nice evening.

Once again, the 2014 open session was a real success, with more than 100 participants gathered on the Melody Blues peniche on the Seyne River. It was a great opportunity for informal exchanges and to learn more about the development of Calypso and the main orientations that CNA will undertake for the next years.


See all the photos of this evening