HCE Security issues

A “Security” study with Mines Telecom Paris, led jointly by CNA and AFIMB.

In the field of mobile ticketing, the CNA mission is to issue specifications answering to all needs of users, taking into account different eco systems and institutional contexts, benefiting from the most recent available technologies and in the respect of its principles of security, interoperability and openness.

Among the different solutions for mobile ticketing, HCE represents a specific stake in terms of security, and CNA has to provide adequate answers to legitimate requirements in this matter, thanks to a step-by-step program of development. Thus:

CNA published last summer the version 1.2 of the specifications of the "Calypso HCE application".     

-          At this stage, they are strictly experimental and limited to pilots,

-          They need to be completed by security measures which induce back-office evolutions,

-          These security measures are presently studied, and will be published in the "HCE Calypso Guidelines" to come in June 2017,

-          The "HCE Calypso Guidelines" will include the recommendations of the study ordered by AFIMB and CNA, realized by an independent expert from the “Mines Telecom Paris Institute”.

The operational on-the-field deployment of a HCE Calypso solution will then follow the specifications and the minimum requirements of security of the "HCE Calypso Guidelines".

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CNA at the 1st Village de l'Innovation

CNA was present at the « 1st Village de l’Innovation » organized by the “Ville, Rail et Transports” magazine, on the 7th of December 2016. This event brought together many actors from the  integrated mobility sector, transit authorities and operators, manufacturers, consultants, and was an  excellent opportunity for very fruitful exchanges.

This 1st Innovation Village was set up in parallel with the 25th Mobility Awards rewarding the best innovations in the fields of intermodality, the connected city, digital mobility, ...,   giving a large place to  standards, a shared vision with  Calypso, a leader in this matter.

Open Session 2016: Discover the winners of the 4th Calypso Awards

On the 30th of November 2016, the 4th  Calypso Awards Ceremony took place in Cannes in order to reward the best projects that contribute to the innovative development of Calypso.

This year again, a dozen of very different and qualitative projects have been submitted to the jury, which delivered the Best Innovation and the Best Customer Value prices, paying attention to criteria such as the technical and institutional challenges, quality of implementation, innovative or adapted response to new expectations and needs.

Best Customer Value winner :

Wizway Solutions  http://www.wizwaysolutions.com/


Wizway Solutions delivers an «NFC ready» infrastructure to Transport Organizing Authorities (TOAs) and transport companies. Fully compliant with mobile standard (NFC) and transit standard (Calypso), the Wizway solution is interoperable over all Transport Operators without impact on the equipment.

Using mobile devices that are compatible with NFC (near field commu­nications) technology, passengers will be able to purchase all types of tickets—single fares, railcards and more—anywhere, anytime with their carrier’s or TOA’s app, and store these tickets securely on their SIM card.


BENEFITS FOR END USERS : By making mobile ticketing possible for all transport modes on the mobile phone, Wizway Solutions propose a 100% mobile experience user-oriented. The traveler does everything, anytime, anywhere with his mobile; get information, buy tickets, get its Calypso travel card into mobile and go through access gates.

For the operators, Wizway Solutions offer turnkey solution easy and fast to integrate, upgrading a mobile application thanks to a SDK. Developers will use an API to deliver transit tickets or passes in a secure way directly onto a mobile or a wearable device. You connect your transit informa­tion system to the platform. 


Best Innovation winner :


OPUS POUR BIXI http://www.stm.info/fr


STM developed and set up a Web service (API-Application Programming Interface), which enables to read and interpret data within an OPUS card. This Web service is dedi­cated to the Opus partners, in order to facilitate them the use and deployment of Opus solutions.


The partner access through a Calypso compatible card reader to the reader command of the card. Data are transmitted to the STM API; the API answers in less than 0.5 second to the partner, providing him the relevant tariff offers to its customers. Consequently the partner takes the appropriate measures to elaborate his offer to the customer.

The first application is operational with BIXI, bicycle sharing service: the regular customers of public transport, can benefit of a discount price with their seasonal tickets.


BENEFITS FOR END USERS : The benefits for the OPUS partners from transportation but also in other areas such as sport or cultural events are a simplified access to tariff management based on the card content of the customer.

This web service is very easy to implement and to use. As it is low cost, it is a real booster to a wide diversification of services to customers.


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