The 2nd Qatar Smart Ticketing and Transport Forum

The 2nd Qatar Smart Ticketing and Transport Forum, organized the 26th of April after a successful first edition in 2016.

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MENA is the fastest growing region in the world in terms of infrastructure, including public transport (metro, tram, bus, and rail) both at intra- and international levels. Public transport is seen as a key strategy by the MENA decision makers to face increasing environmental challenges, to insure an equilibrated territorial development and to increase the welfare and human development of the citizens.

Seamless travels across various regional and national operators and networks, deployment of smart ticketing solutions that provide secure and easy management of urban multi-applications (public transport, banking, parking, leisure, etc.), new digital services to inform and guide travelers, anywhere, at any time, are key points to significantly increase the attractiveness of public transport.


This event is the focal point for the debate and the discussion concerning these challenges and to facilitate the emergence of innovative solutions that stimulate the sound development of public transport. It will be organized in the City of Doha, emblem for a large number of international environmental and development high-level meetings and that is set to host a large number of the venues for the 2022 FIFA World Cup.


The conference will offer to all participants a large overview of the main hot topics and structuring issues for the future of the public transport. It will be a unique opportunity to discover the last developments in these matters, such as Account Base Ticketing, mobile solution interoperability, security, certification, new tools for Customer Relationship Management, Use-Cases showing that the Smart City is yet realty thanks to Public Transport involvement in sustainable digital applications. This major event of the ITS (Intelligent Transport System) industry will gather smart ticketing specialists, high profile representatives of renowned international companies and decision-makers from Middle East transport authorities.

2017, the first year of a new era for Calypso

2017 is the first year of a new era for Calypso. To answer to the deep and accelerated changes of ticketing, whether functional or technological, Calypso Networks Association has engaged a heavy program.

Whatever the solution, the provider, the technical choice, the Calypso brand must remain, for all, a guarantee of security and interoperability.

In a ticketing environment, more and more complex, with more and more solutions, with more and more actors, CNA now intends, not only to develop and promote globally Calypso as it has been used to do it for fifteen years, but also to adopt a new technical and business model, inspired from the open source one.


Indeed, CNA’s responsibility is to guarantee to Calypso’s users the sustainability of this ticketing standard, used worldwide in more than 125 cities and regions. This very simple principle requires that Calypso remains in touch with the needs of its users, at the forefront of the most recent technologies, and able to adapt to new business models.

To manage all this CNA has set-up a permanent team, with the relevant skills, dedicated to lead and coordinate all development and promotion activities with the support of many contributors from its members.

The previous statutes of the Association were no more able to provide a relevant legal framework in phase with the ambition and with the program of CNA.

Consequently, on 2017, January 30th, Calypso Networks Association new statutes have been registered by the Commercial Court of Brussels.

The new statutes are intended to give a better-balanced governance between the different actors, operators, authorities, providers, to open the Association to a community of developers, to provide the necessary means for improving its capacity of action and its support to the Calypso’s users.

A gold status has been created, accessible to all members who wish to bring a stronger support to the Association, giving a direct access to the Board and CNA governance, and with the benefice of Calypso’s experts support.

Calypso at Transport Ticketing Global

Last 25th January, CNA presented the Challenges of providing a ticketing standard as open source at the at London Transport Ticketing Global.  

Coming from a rather closed technical and industrial environment, public transport relies more and more on open solutions. This movement towards openness is very clear in the field of passenger information where open data allows to create new high valued services for passengers, through APIs and open source software. 
Calypso strongly thinks that ticketing has to follow the same way, by offering open source solutions in order to facilitate access to multimodal transportation actors, including sustainable and new modes.

Discover more during the Calypso Conference at Transport Ticketing Americas in Mexico, the first dedicated smart ticketing forum bringing together the entire public transport community in Latin America and in the Caribbean to explore the developments in smart ticketing.

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