Mobile Ticketing in the Greater Paris region

On November 25, 2019, the Paris Great Region and Ile de France Mobility Authority launched the Via Navigo mobile application, which allows to purchase and validate your travel pass with your smartphone, thanks to Calypso.

With Via Navigo, travelers can now buy and validate their one way tickets, Navigo travel pass for a day, a week or a month and the Orly Bus - Roissy Bus tickets directly on their smartphone. This modernization of the Ile de France ticketing system has been carried out without any replacement or update of the 35.000 validators already deployed in buses, trams, metro and train stations in Ile-de-France.

Navigo is based on the Calypso standard, which makes easier the integration of ticketing solutions on smartphones. All the equipment that includes Calypso can manage traditional Navigo contactless cards and NFC smartphones, indiscriminately and with the same level of security, using the Calypso software application, the so called Applet, integrated into a secure component of the phone.Thus, in Paris Great Region, the service is offered to Orange and Sosh mobile operators’ clients and Samsung smartphone holders, both of whom have chosen to integrate the Calypso Applet into whether their SIM card or Secure Element. It represents therefore approximately five million smartphones eligible for a more convenient digital service, which meets the needs of all travelers, regular or occasional users and facilitates access to public transport.Other mobile operators or phone providers can further expand the number of eligible smartphones by choosing to integrate the Calypso Applet, which is a generic software developed by Calypso Networks Association (CNA) available for all, and thus offer the service to the greatest number of travelers.

One of the major interests of a mobile ticketing application based on the Calypso Applet is its capacity to emulate a card with the same security, offering a solution easy to deploy at an optimal cost, and to allow any travelers to validate at any moment, even with a switch off or discharged phone.This simple implementation of the smartphone ticket is a first step for IDFM. Other steps will follow to propose other technological solutions adapted to other profiles and uses of travelers. Calypso's wealth is precisely in offering the widest possible range of solutions, the most innovative of the moment, to operators who have chosen this standard.

"IDFM is delighted to be a member of CNA and to be able to participate in the work on Calypso. This standard ensures the sustainability of a robust, innovative, open and multi-vendor offer, which is the pillar of Navigo and at the heart of our future developments. IDFM hopes that the strengthened link with CNA will enable passengers and the transport industry as a whole to benefit from the widest possible range of services.“

CNA's goal is to enable the acceptance of all NFC smartphones on all Calypso networks, which means more than 150 cities and regions around the world.

Account Based Ticketing with Calypso

Following the publication of our White Paper Calypso and Account Based Ticketing, CNA launched in June 2017 a Technical Working Group dedicated to ABT in order to define a set of guidelines of specifications for an ABT Calypso system.

Last week CNA published the release 1 of the Account Based Ticketing-Calypso guidelines. Those guidelines provide a framework to implement an ABT system by taking advantage of the off-line capabilities of Calypso in order to mitigate the shortcomings of ABT due to the limitations of telecommunications networks. For instance, this document presents a proposition of the way to on storing some data in the media in order to perform limited off-line and local transactions to overcome connection issues while providing a high quality of service to travellers and protecting revenues for transport companies. The group was also careful to find the right balance to limit as far as possible these ABT data, in order not to fall back into a card centric system architecture.

CNA wishes to thank the active contributors to this document: BMC, IDFM, RATP Smart Systems, Otlis, SNCF, Spirtech, Thales, and address a special thank you to Cubic for its leading role on the subject and for its major contributions. The objective for CNA is now to promote these guidelines in order to have a first implementation to test them on the field and potentially make them evolve into real actual Calypso specifications.

These guidelines can be downloaded on the Technical Calypso Website and are Reserved for CNA members only.

Get also access to the Public White Paper "Calypso and Account Based Ticketing"


Discover the 2019 Winners and Nominees of the Calypso Awards

On November the 27th was held in Cannes the 7th Calypso Awards Ceremony. During the traditionnal cocktail dinner between Calypso Networks Association and their partners, the Best 2019 Innovations and Customer Services have been rewarded by Francis Sykes, Master of this ceremony.

The Best Innovation Award rewards the Providers of Calypso who have developed and setup a new Calypso product, component, softwares or processes which enriches the Calypso offer and contributes to the worldwide development of the Calypso standard.

Winner: ONE WAVE

An innovative and connected Calypso card which includes Bluetooth and built-in screen, for a better customer 
Project Website :

Nominee: AEP Ticketing Solutions with ET -BLU

A remote server and set of web services that allow to easily add third party vending terminals to an existing Calypso ticketing system.
Project website : ET - BLU

Nominee: RATP Smart Systems with TCT
The first commercial deployment of a ticketing system based on an open source software, the Eclipse Keyple SDK, for the RATP retailer’s sale network.
Project Website : RATP Smart Systems



This Award rewards the Users of Calypso who propose to their customers an innovative Service enabling an easier access to public transport, which promotes sustainable mobility, which highlights the Calypso performances.

Winner: Card4B with ANDA
The combination of Calypso HCE and Bluetooth for a seamless travel for the customer, in whatever tarification scheme
Project Website : ANDA

Nominee: Samsung with Samsun Pay - Transit Add-on
Calypso application embedded as an add-on within Samsung Pay, for an optimized and seamless use of mobile ticketing.
Project Website : Samsung Pay

Nominee: Unico Campania with Multiprofile Card - Jamme Card
A multi-profile and multi-protocol card for a smart and smooth transition from oldest Calypso releases to the most recent ones.
Project Website : Jamme Card


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