Calypso HCE Solution For NFC devices without S.E.

When it is not possible to implement a secure Calypso applet into a SE (Sim card or eSE), CNA has defined an HCE-based solution for Android mobile phones. This solution is based on two documents: the Calypso HCE application specifications and the Calypso HCE Guidelines.


Many Calypso networks aim at providing to their customer a ticketing solution for Android mobile phones, while preserving as much as possible compatibility with their installed AFC system, in particular with the validators.


CNA provides a solution with an acceptable level of security compatible with the Calypso brand  which ensures that the security of the existing system is not jeopardized.

See the technical overview of the Calypso HCE solution


Specification of a Calypso HCE application

CNA published the revision 1.3 of the specification of a Calypso HCE application using a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that guaranties the security of the exchanges between the mobile phone and the central system, to load initial data or to load rights (such as transportation rights).

> By delivering HCE Authorization Modules (HAM) with certificates to HCE application providers and service providers,  CNA is acting as the Certification Authority in this PKI.


For security reasons, transactions using the personalization key or the load key are not possible through the NFC interface, and must be done with a secure connection to a server.


Only the Calypso debit key is stored in the HCE application for validation on entrance and control during travel, coupled with a mechanism of renewal of the Calypso Serial Number (CSN) to mitigate the risk of fraud : a part of the CSN contains date and time of validity of the debit key which shall be checked by the terminals.


Calypso HCE Guidelines

Unlike a secure element built to protect data for a long period, a mobile device can only ensure their protection for a very limited period of time depending on the security techniques adopted to delay the attacks on the software and the countermeasures implemented to detect a fraud at the level of the central system, based on a constant back-end monitoring. These techniques are the mandatory supplement to the specification and are in the scope of the Calypso HCE Guidelines, revision 1.0.


They rely on the recommendations of a security study ordered by AFIMB, The French agency for multimodal information and smart-ticketing, realized by an independent expert from the “Mines Telecom Paris Institute”. Get More details


In Short

Combined with the requirements of the specification, the main features which may imply an evolution of the terminals are the following:

·        Support of a rev 3.1 Calypso application

·        Support of TDES keys

·        Check of a specific range of CSN dedicated to HCE application.

·        Check of the debit key validity date (the Guidelines enforce a minimum frequency of the CSN renewal)

·        Check of the mandatory contracts signature


Both  documents define a coherent and secure way to implement HCE in a Calypso environment and are mandatory to use the Calypso brand and keys.


They are available on the Calypso technical support website.

Please note that you must be registered to access this technical documentation and that the Calypso HCE Guidelines are restricted to CNA members.

UITP - SMART MOBILITY 2020 : Innovation & Sustainability

CNA decided to support the UITP conference in held in Tallinn from the 22 -23 of November 2018, as a Gold sponsor of the event


As gold sponsor of this UITP event we have presented to the more than 120 participants our outline and strategy in terms of Calypso for the years to come. The event allowed as well to showcase the successful Calypso technology deployment in the city of Riga. In the wider context the conference addressed the policy challenges in the public transport sector in Europe focussing explicitly on the CEE countries. Our participation allowed us to reach out to several important players in the field such as EIB, the Commission and the European Parliament. Further the event provided us with an update on the various activities in the CEE region creating various follow up initatives.

Calypso Open Session 2017

Results of the Awards 2017

The Calypso Awards ceremony takes place every year during the Open Session where all the Calypso and ticketing players gather. It is a unique opportunity to encourage R&D projects, and also to reward those who work hard to create new ticketing solutions and products to improve travellers’ experience. This year again, the selected projects reveal the diversity of ticketing solutions imagined by providers and operators, in order to better address their customers’ new mobility needs : Mobility as a Service, Mobile Ticketing, Wearables for transportation, cross-border interoperability on a single media.

Come and discover the pictures of the evening.

To learn more about the Awards: Download the booklet.


The winner : Ravkavonline by


Ravkavonline allows public transportation passengers to top up their smart card and profit from a full set of services, using a mobile app, a website or in one ~3000 ATM machines across Israel. 

Project website:


The Nominees : 

Hoplink first implementation by

Thanks to the innovating solution Hoplink, Parkeon is the first industrial to simplify the life of public transport users and allow them to through various countries and several mobility contexts with one unique media.


Smartwatch Calypso HCE solution by

Poste Mobile implemented a solution to use Android Wear Smartwatch with Calypso HCE architecture, which can show how to validate a ticket with a Smartwatch.


The creativity of CNA members to propose new services and innovations also demonstrates that the Calypso standard has the ability to adapt and be in line with new mobility and ticketing challenges.

To discover all the projects in details : download the booklet.


CNA held The "Calypso Technical Workshop"on the occasion of the 2017 Open Session.

With almost 40 participants and half day of fruitful exchanges, this Calypso Technical workshop has been a true success.
It was the opportunity for CNA to present the progress of its running working groups and above all, to allow Calypso and non-Calypso players to discover and ask questions about various topics in small committees. 
This year, topics included Calypso Account Based Ticketing, the Open Source SDK Keyple, interoperability solution with Hoplink, products certification process on Calypso, CLAP, CEN TS 16794, Mobile solutions with the Calypso applet and HCE.
CNA would like to take the opportunity to thanks all the experts and participants who enriched the debate and share their experiences.
Take in mind that every CNA member can participate freely to those working groups which take place all year long. If you need further information don’t hesitate to contact our Technical coordinator.