International Calypso User Day 2018

Mobile Ticketing, MaaS, Open Payment... Two days of conference and exchanges,
the 27th and 28th of September 2018 at Torre del'Arsenale - Venice, Italy.
An event organised by CNA with ACTV

ACTV & CNA are delighted to announce a new edition of the International Calypso User Day. It will be the occasion to learn more about the most recent evolutions and innovations of Ticketing, and it is the opportunity of fruitful exchanges and share of experiences between Authorities, Operators and also Providers from different domains and countries. It is also the chance to get news about the developments in progress of Calypso.

Thematic Headlines  

 - The place of Ticketing in the MaaS concept (Mobility Account, Interoperability, Seamless door-to-door travel, Blockchain)
 - The vision of the MaaS on the Italian market by transport networks top Managers.
 - Overview of Mobile and HCE Solutions
 - Open Payment, ABT, « Closed Loop » Ticketing: are they complementary or exclusive; what impact on costs, on customer relationship management
 - Multiservice: Use Cases and solutions
 - Calypso News & Members testimonies

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Location : The Arsenal Tower
Beginning, 27th September,  9.00 AM: Shuttle boat to Arsenal : Station Isola Nova del Tronchetto (to those not wishing to take the shuttle, the Arsenal stop is Bacini).
10.00 AM: Beginning of the meeting at the tower of Arsenal
End : 28th September - 1.00 PM at the tower of Arsenal

You can already register by filing out the application form HERE.

End : 28th September - 1.00 PM at the tower of Arsenal Do not hesitate to contact us for any further information
We are looking forward to seeing you in Venice.

CNA team

First CLAP certification obtained by HID Global

CNA enjoys congratulating HID Global as the first card manufacturer which successfully goes through CLAP certification with its SOMA Atlas CLAP V1. The technical evaluation has been realized by Elitt, the laboratory accredited by CNA.

CLAP, Calypso Light Application is a middle-end product with streamlined features but with the same security level than all Calypso Card. CLAP aims to answer to numerous needs, such as ticketing for occasional users. CLAP results from a request issued by Calypso Networks Association members, and its specifications have been realized in a collaboration way within a working group involving Calypso users and providers.

Read HID Globla Press Realease.

  • About HID Global: HID Global powers the trusted identities of the world’s people, places and things.  HID Global has been at the forefront of Ticketing & Transportation for many years, and has extensive solutions for transportation systems. Its multi-application operating systems can be integrated with existing hardware, giving the maximum flexibility to transportation operators.
  • About Elitt: Elitt is an Expert laboratory in certification testing for electronic transactions.
  • About Calypso Networks Association: CNA, Calypso Networks Association, is a non-for-profit association under the Belgium law of an ASBL, dedicated to develop and promote Calypso.

Join the Calypso Award Challenge 2018

After the successful « Calypso Awards 2017», the association will continue this year to reward the entities that contributed to the promotion and development of Calypso.

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