Working group description

Working Group Organisation

CNA activities take shape through the creation of task forces; the main working groups are:

• WG1:  improving and developing Calypso reference specification, to provide an appropriate solution to transport operator needs.

• WG2:  favouring interoperability between transport networks, and amongst networks, to ensure that any Calypso Portable Object can work with any Calypso terminal.

• WG3:  promoting Calypso technology worldwide and participating in national and international standardization initiatives so that Calypso’s good practices will spread throughout the community.

The technical working group WG1 welcomes all contributors who are willing to participate and bring their own expertise: operators, industry vendors and manufacturers, consultants, software houses, and so on.

Its main objective is to ensure a constant improvement of the security features of Calypso. The second objective is to set up and maintain a policy of certification for the different products used in Calypso systems. Another focus is to facilitate the emergence of new technologies and services in the Calypso environment by providing solutions to the world of transport.

The WG1 is organized around Working Packages according to the related topics. Each Package is managed by a company leader, chosen by CNA and paid accordingly.

An internet collaborative tool federates the Working Packages:

Every CNA member can participate at different levels: from a simple following of the discussions on the dedicated forums, through a review of the draft documents of specification, and until a more active participation in the regular meetings (also available via web conference).


Main achievements

The goal of each working package, is to find a general agreement on a specification document before to submit it to the board of CNA for approval.

These documents are available for the CNA members.


Following main and recent achievements can be highlighted:

• The last revision 3.2 of the Calypso Portable Object Specification, with AES crypto algorithm and new features for privacy data protection

• The functional test plan for the Calypso Portable Object Certification that has been implemented for the technical evaluation of the portable object.

• The revision 2.5 of the Triangle specification, which better takes account of NFC mobile phones and strengthen the security of Triangle, together with a document of Best Practices of Triangle 2, which aims to facilitate the implementation of Triangle 2 in the equipments of a newly partner.

• The User Manual of the version 1.1 of the Calypso CNA applet, which aims at promoting Calypso on NFC phones.


Find hereunder the currently active working packages :

WP #


Main topics


Calypso rev.3 reader interoperability

Reader recommendations, help for terminal programming


Calypso ticketing system guidelines

General architecture of a Calypso based ticketing system


SAM Specification



Generic application download

Works related to the CNA Calypso applet.


Portable objects certification

Functional test plan definition


V3 update

Specification of the portable object application.


New security architecture

Security enhancements and security related topics


Triangle 2

Application for interoperability