Why choose an open solution versus a proprietary one?

Sometimes, some operators think it is very comfortable to choose a proprietary solution from only one provider: it seems to transfer the responsibility of any dysfunction in the system to the provider. It seems …

But who is really facing the problem, and considered as the responsible by its customers? And what is the cost of this supposedly transfer of responsibility?

It is surely very expensive, because, if the choice of a proprietary solution is not a problem of cost at the origin when the regulation is generally ensured by a tendering process, for all necessary future evolution, competition is impossible, and the price decided only by the manufacturer. And such a situation remains true for the entire life of the system, about 15 years or even more.

For the operators who funded Calypso, and who faced such problems in the past, it was time to do something different: in order to have a true competition at each evolution of the system, it requires that a large panel of manufacturers share the same technology, and are able to provide each element of the system.

It is what Calypso offers to the operators or authorities that intend to implement a ticketing system.