Who is concerned by the Calypso license?

The users of Calypso (transit authorities, transport operators) have nothing to achieve by this license, neither to negotiate nor to buy. They only have to benefit, through truly open tenders, from the large industrial offer of Calypso products, which is the direct result of the strong willingness of the Calypso founders to avoid any monopoly.

Calypso license addresses manufacturers, both for terminal equipment (readers) and portables objects (cards, SIM, USB keys …).

In order to simplify the license policy, given the huge number of terminal manufacturers and given the diversification of portable objects (cards, mobile phones, USB keys), today the license only addresses:

  • The SAM (Secure Application Module), mandatory in a Calypso terminal or a system; today the SAM is provided by two vendors (Spirtech and ASK). The manufacturers of terminal have no license to acquire; they only have to integrate these SAM.
  • IC components used in the portable objects; the related fees are generally paid by IC manufacturers, or card embedders.