Who can join CNA?

CNA is open to all actors playing a role in the Calypso environment, whether you are a user of Calypso-based solutions or a provider of Calypso-based solutions.

If you are a local or transit authority, if you operate a ticketing system using Calypso or deploy Calypso media for end-users (transport operators, service providers, banks, mobile phone operators, etc.), you join CNA as an Effective Member.

If you are a provider of Calypso-based solutions (IC manufacturers, card embedders, terminal providers, fare collection integrator, etc.) or a consulting company/study office helping users to implement Calypso, you join CNA as an Adhering Member.

All kind of CNA members (Effective or Adhering) can choose to get the Gold Member status, which gives direct access to the Board of Directors, and other advantages described below.