Ticketing acceptance system "architecture and security" reference

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This document is the result of the work of the "architecture and security" work group set up by the AFIMB, the French government body for Ticketing.

The technology used in ticketing systems is constantly changing because of new features, and as a consequence of the upgrade of anti-fraud mechanisms. The interoperability of local ticketing systems is a new concern, as demonstrates the project for a ticketing application common to public transport organisation authorities in France, and, at the European level, the recent creation of the Smart Ticketing Alliance (STA).

Public transport authorities take these changes into account in a tight budgetary context. It is in this context that they asked AFIMB to launch a process to identify the conditions to provide long term evolutive capacity for ticketing systems, the reduction of their global cost, and better interoperability.

The AFIMB therefore created a work group on this theme organised by Spirtech. Research was concentrated on the "ticketing acceptance system" or, in the terms of the ISO 24014 (IFM) standard, the "medium access device". These are elements of the ticketing system, such as validators or remote sale servers, that connect the customer to the ticketing system using a portable device.

The conclusions of this work group are in the form of a "ticketing acceptance system architecture and security reference". The ticketing acceptance system architecture described in the reference is based on the following principles:
• a guarantee of the independence of the application software from the equipment on which it
• the separation of the parts that are common to all solutions from those that are specific;
• the possibility of de-localising some functions;
• the use of generic technology;
• the use of the experience of industrials who have already built in all or part of these principles.

The AFIMB would like to thank the members of this work group:Paragon (ASK) , CNA, CTS, Effia, GART, GIE CB, Keolis, LMCU, Mercur, Nextendis, Novia Systems (Effitic), Flowbird (Parkeon), RATP, Région Bretagne, RITMx, SNCF, STIF, Sytral, Thales, Tisseo, Transpole, UTP, Transdev, Viacités, VIX Technology, Conduent (Xerox -ACS Solutions) et Spirtech.