In order to facilitate the implementation and the deployment of Calypso, CNA provides different services to the transport operators, transport authorities and manufacturers intending to use this technology and are members of CNA.

You will find in this tab, the most common services that CNA may bring to you, but for some specific demand, do not hesitate to contact us at the following number

+ 33 1 58 78 62 15

or send a mail to


The main services that CNA provides:

  • Certification of portable objects, terminal registration and TRIANGLE certification: please see the Certification Tab.
  • Calypso Applet delivery and assistance to the implementation of; please see the Applet Tab.
  • Delivery of the Triangle keys and assistance to the implementation of Triangle; please see the TRIANGLE Tab.
  • Assistance to the implementation of Calypso in a ticketing system; please see all the technical documents that may help you.
  • Calypso training: please contact us.
  • Calypso demonstrator: in order to better appreciate the possibilities and understand how it works, you may test the Calypso functions yourself, by simulation or using a true card.
  • Participation to conferences and events organized by CNA at preferential tariffs. See the upcoming events.
  • Calypso information day: to discover Calypso in one day: please contact us.
  • Functional and technical assistance and expertise about Calypso: please contact us.