Present Board composition

The present Board, elected during the General Assembly in June 2017, is the following:

  • ACTV, Azienda Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano, Vice-President, in charge of Promotion and Marketing activities represented by Gianluca Cuzzolin and Morgan Chirici.
  • CTS, Compagnie des Transports Strasbourgeois, in charge of the Governance of the Hoplink scheme of interoperability, represented by Alain Caffart.
  • GIE CB Cartes Bancaires, represented by Pierre Chassigneux.
  • INTERPARKING, represented by Roland Cracco.
  • LANDKREIS KONSTANZ, General Secretary, represented by Zeno Danner.
  • OTLIS, Operadores de Transportes da Regiào de Lisboa, Vice-President, in charge of Open Source development, represented by Fausto Sá-Marques.
  • RATP, Chairman, represented by Philippe Vappereau.
  • RIGAS KARTE, represented by Aleksandr Brandavs.
  • SNCF, Vice-President in charge of the Industrial Strategy, represented by Joel Eppe.
  • STIB, represented by Jean-Luc Van Ginder Deuren.​
  • 5T, represented by Claudio Giaccobe.​