Mobile - CNA Applet technical update

A new version of the Calypso REV3.1 Applet was in preparation in order to improve the compatibility with various platform: Java card 3.1.0, NFC Notification, NFC Forum Tag Type 4.

It integrates a new activation process allowing to activate the Calypso package independently to the personalization of a ticketing instance.


In details, the new features are :

- Compatibility with the latest version 3.1.0 of Java Card (support from JC2.2.2 to JC3.1.0).

- Improvement of the compatibility of the NFC feature with UICC & eSE.

- Possibility to personalize binary file data through Store Data with the ‘ssnn’ DGI.

- Select File command compliant with NFC Forum Tag type 4.

- Possibility to manage the activation process on the technical Calypso Setup instance, independently to the personalization of the ticketing instances.

- Support of the PIN with Stored Value instances


This applet will be release in March 2020. CNA also worked on an implementation of A Calypso REV3.3 applet prototype (supporting PKI).

The CNA Applet is reserved to CNA members only and can be requested by email to the CNA team at


Published in Ferburay 2020