Who can join CNA?

CNA is open to all actors playing a role in the Calypso environment, whether you are a user of Calypso or a provider of Calypso.

If you operate a ticketing system using Calypso and/or deploy Calypso media for end-user customers (transport operator or authority, collectivities, banks, service providers, mobile phone operators, etc.), you join CNA as an Effective Member.

If you are a provider of Calypso (IC manufacturers, card embedders, terminal providers, fare collection integrator, etc.) or a consulting company/study office helping users to implement Calypso, you join CNA as an Associated Member.


Why join CNA?

As an Effective Member, you participate in all decisions on Calypso: evolution of specifications, security, election of Board members, approval of accounts and moral report, participation to the General Assembly. You may be a candidate to become a Board member.

Consequently, Calypso evolutions are really led by its users, who are the ones taking the decisions through voting procedures. You are responsible for the main orientations that CNA has to take in order to guarantee the investments that you have made when implementing a ticketing system. In CNA, we are truly sure, because the users are the ones who are responsible towards their customers, that they have to anticipate potential difficulties and to decide on preventive actions by themselves. It is particularly true as a matter of security, where it is necessary to manage a roadmap of improvements in order to anticipate the evolutions of hacking methods.

As an Associated Member, you represent the point of view of industry and manufacturers in CNA, which play a key role, because providing all Calypso components. You push the evolutions of Calypso in the adequate directions through your knowledge of the market and of the major technical evolutions to come. You can better anticipate the evolutions of Calypso, in order to implement them in your systems or products.

CNA facilitates exchanges between the different providers of Calypso products, particularly media providers and terminal providers, which allows them to more easily avoid problems of compatibility.

All Calypso members benefit from the following advantages:

  • Participation in the Working Group activities.
  • Preferential tariffs for participation in the events organized by CNA. See the upcoming events in NEWS/EVENTS.
  • Access to all the Services provided by CNA (Triangle, Certification, Applet, Training, Demonstrator, Documentation, Assistance to implementation, etc.).

All Calypso members benefit from fruitful exchanges with other members, between users and providers, in an international context.


How to join CNA?

In order to know all the conditions to participate in CNA, please have a look at the CNA Statutes.

The conditions are the following:

  • For an effective member: € 300 (free of charge the first year)
  • For an associated member:
    • Consultancy/Study company: € 600
    • Manufacturer: € 3000.

You may directly register at CNA by filling in and sending the Registration Form. If you are interested in one or more services offered by CNA you may indicate it in the same form.

Your request to be a CNA member will be subjected to the CNA Board and, after validation from the Board, your membership will be effective after receipt of your payment by bank transfer to the following account:


Who are the CNA members?

Today, CNA welcomes more than 70 members.

You may see all the current members of CNA on the CNA Members list.