CNA management is described in the Statutes of the Association.

Below, you will find the most important information about it.


General Assembly

The General Assembly of the members of CNA is held each year in April. Effective members participate, and, upon decision of the Board, associated members as well.

The role of the General Assembly is to:

  • Elect the Board members for 3 years.
  • Modify the statutes of the Association.
  • Approve the accounts.
  • Decide on the exclusion of a member.
  • Decide on modifications to CNA finality (presently an ASBL under Belgium law).
  • All other decisions to be taken under proposal of the Board.

Vote right of the dependent upon members is subjected the payment of their membership fee.



The Board is composed of, at least, two members and, at most, eleven members.

The Board is elected for 3 years.

The Board has all the attributions and makes all decisions, except if they are assigned to the General Assembly.

The Board establishes the account and the activity report of the Association, to be submitted to the General Assembly. It prepares the budget.

The Board members can be dismissed by the General Assembly.

The Board members elect among themselves:

  • The President of the Association,
  • Optionally vice-presidents,
  • The General Secretary,
  • The Treasurer.
  • The Chief Operational Officer (COO).


Working Groups

The activities of the Association are realized by Working Groups.

The Board decides the Working Groups to be set-up.

The existing WG and their management are described in the Working Groups tab.


Present Board composition

The present Board, elected during the General Assembly in June 2014, is the following:

  • RATP (Paris)
  • STIB (Brussels)
  • OTLIS (Lisbon)
  • Landkeis Konstanz (Konstanz)
  • TSP (Milan)
  • Interparking (Brussels)
  • SNCF (France)
  • RigasKarte (Riga)
  • Transdev