How to join Hoplink ?

If you are an operator or a transport authority which intends on using Hoplink, there are some requirements to follow:

  • Of course, to have implemented Calypso for your ticketing system (!)
  • To fill in the form of CNA member registration and to send it, indicating that your interest is to join Hoplink. If you are already a CNA member, you use the same form and mention it by checking the appropriate box. You may see all information about CNA membership in the CNA Membership tab.
  • To fulfill the requirements which are described in the Hoplink contract, about security and rules of usage. By signing this contact between you and CNA, you will engage in respecting all these requirements towards the whole community of Hoplink members. Please note that this contract has already been signed by numerous authorities and operators, and that no more modifications to its content are possible.
  • The acceptance as a Hoplink member is submitted to and validated by the assembly of the Hoplink members.


If you need complementary information, please call the following number:

+33 (0)1 77 11 81 16 or send a mail to

Please send the signed contract to the following address:

Calypso Networks Association
Rue Royale, 76/2
B 1000 Brussels


Your Hoplink membership will be definitively validated after receipt of your payment for CNA membership (by bank account transfer).