Encouraging competition and fully interoperable

The Calypso technology enables ticketing schemes to be truly independent from industry suppliers.

License and non-license holder companies (via the purchase of OEM licensed components) can promote the technology through tendering. The conditions are clearly non-discriminatory, allowing fair competition between those who already possess the necessary licenses and those who would have to acquire them if awarded the contract.

The technology is distributed through numerous licenses, offering a wide range of multi-source compliant cards and terminals.

Moreover, because of the huge variety of licensed companies in the market, this allows different parts of the ticketing system to be assigned to different suppliers. This competition leads to a significant drop in investment costs within the tendering procedures and also enables the possibility to tender for only single elements and components of a ticketing system.

If there is an unfortunate case of a licensed component manufacturer not performing efficiently, it is possible to take on a new supplier who will acquire the license and manufacture the component.

Calypso technology is able to satisfy the demands of interoperability while offering each operator freedom and independence. Wide Calypso interoperable networks have now proved this, gathering operators within a city or within regions: Lisbon: 8 operators, Paris: 3 major operators, Grand Montreal 20, French Rhône-Alpes region: 32 operators and authorities, and so on.

Interoperability between suppliers increases the need for security, confidentiality and integrity. The key to an efficient interoperable system is technical compatibility by adhering to international standards and the sharing of data model implementation.

Calypso follows this basic concept and is compliant with many international standards. (See the ticketing transaction layers).