Public documents

What is Calypso

This brochure describes what is Calypso 

CNA Services

This document describes the services offered by Calypso Networks Association 

Main characteristics

This document describes CNA's main characteristics 

Implementation and services

This document gathers the services offered by Calypso and its implementation  

Activity Report 2016

This document resumes all the activities and projet for CNA in 2016

Calypso Open Source Presentation UITP 2017

This document describes the Calypso Open Source project

Calypso SDK

This document gives an outline of the Calypso SDK product

The Budapest Smart Ticketing and Transport Forum 2016 (Program)

This document describes the program of the Budapest Smart Ticketing and Transport Forum 

Calypso general overview

This document gathers all arguments in favor of Calypso : Calypso main characteristics, Calypso patents & license, Calypso Networks Association, Ten reasons to choose Calypso, "Calypso Secure" argument, "Calypso Open" argument, "Calypso interoperable" argument

Functional Card Application - v1.5                                                                                  

This document contains a functional description of the Calypso ticketing card application. The present manual therefore contains some guidelines on the card uses, some typical transactions descriptions and guidelines on the overall system design.

Calypso Handbook - v1.3

This Handbook gives an outline of the Calypso technology, including its history and its recent developments. Its aim is to better explain the strength of the Calypso concept and to discover the range of its possible applications.

CalypsoFP01 - SAM and Key Management Functional Presentation

This document contains an introduction to the Calypso SAM functionalities and to the recommended management of the ticketing secret keys.

Calypso Functional Specification - CNA Calypso rev3.1 Applet Presentation

This document describes the functionalities of the CNA Calypso REV3.1 applet running in Portable Objects that embed a Secure Element compliant with the Java Card and the GlobalPlatform specifications. It presents the features and options supported by the CNA implementation of the Calypso Revision 3.1 specifications as a Java Card™ applet.
This document is an extract of the version 1.1 of the “Calypso Specification ‘CNA Calypso REV3.1 Applet’ User Guide” which defines in detail the technical settings of the applet, complementarily to the Calypso Revision 3.1 Portable Object Application and the Calypso Application Downloading specifications.

CNA statutes

The CNA statutes describe the management and the governance of CNA

CNA members

Actual list of Calypso Association members


Documents available to registered visitors only

MENA Special Edition

Document providing an overview of the current ticketing systems and ambitious projects in the MENA region.

Doha Presentation

Compilation of all the presentations that have been made during the 2016 Doha Smart Ticketing & Digital Services Forum.

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 - CNA Bologna STA (Italian)

Brief outline of the institutional co-operation framework of CNA and the set up of the Smart Ticketing Alliance.

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 - CNA Calypso Applet

Description of the SIM-centric approach with the CNA Calypso Applet delivered for free to Calypso members.

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 - Calypso & HCE

Overview of the status of the on-going works made within the CNA technical working groups about a Calypso solution based on HCE.

Calypso Day in Bologna 2015-03 (Italian)

Outlook from the Seminar by Philippe Vappereau, Chairman of CNA.

Triangle 2 Specifications v2.7

Specification of the Triangle 2 application, which can be present in any Calypso Revision 3 portable object.

Triangle contract

By signing this contact between you and CNA, you will engage in respecting all these requirements towards the whole community of Triangle members. Please note that this contract has already been signed by numerous authorities and operators, and that no more modifications to its content are possible.

Triangle Terminal Audit Guidelines - v1.1

This document presents the Triangle Terminal Audit Guidelines, i.e. the infrastructure that is used by CNA in granting a label after an audit of the Triangle terminal.

CPOC  - Guidelines - v1.0

This document describes the Calypso Portable Object Certification Process.

Terminal Audit Guidelines - v1.0

This document describes the Calypso Terminal Registration Process, and particularly the audit of the equipment seeking the Calypso registration.

AFSCM applet certificate

This document is the certificate of CNA Calypso Applet version 1.1 issued by AFSCM.

Calypso Applet licence contract

This document is the licence Contract for the Use of the Calypso Generic Applet owned by Calypso Networks Association.

Calypso on French mobile

This document applies to the management (loading, installing, personalizing and deleting) of NFC services based on the CNA Calypso Applet in a UICC centric model, in Simple Mode Management, driven by a MMI installed from an application store.
It is aimed at the NFC Service Providers that want to install a Calypso application on a French NFC phone, with a special focus on Triangle, and at the French MNOs, through AFSCM.


Documents available to members only

Triangle 2 Best Practices v1.2

The main topics of this document concern the best practices in the development of a Triangle software in a terminal. It is complementary with the Triangle 2 specifications which already includes a chapter related to the terminal specifications. Requirements in the specifications are mandatory to ensure interoperability, when the best practices provide operational advices on their implementation. Before detailing these best practices, the document reminds the main features of Triangle and gives information for a general understanding.

Triangle Terminal Audit Test List - v1.0

The present document enumerates the Triangle Terminal Test List:
• the tests to perform on a Triangle terminal during its audit,
• the question form contents.