Calypso can be defined on three levels

First of all, Calypso is basically a set of technical specifications describing a fast and secure contactless transaction between a terminal and a portable device.

It corresponds to the level 3 in the ticketing transaction layers scheme, which is really the heart of a transaction, on which the performances and reliability of a whole ticketing system rely. It is where the security, the efficiency and the speed of a transaction are defined. It is based on two patents, Session and Ratification, invented by Calypso founders.

Secondly, Calypso technology represents a coherent aggregation of its specifications with the use of all existing standards:

at the levels of the communication interface, of the card mapping and file organization, of the card data structure.

Moreover, through the services offered by CNA and its technical supports, Calypso brings assistance to the implementation of levels 5 to 7 of the transaction, for the data model (also named data instantiation), the interface with the applicative software, the architecture of security of the system and its recommended mechanisms.

Finally, Calypso represents a state of mind, a philosophy in which the users and not the manufacturers are leading “the game”.

Through CNA, the users decide on the evolutions of the specifications and of the security, ensure that Calypso remains open, with no monopoly and an extensive panel of providers. They are pushing for standardization and for interoperability.

If other technologies have copied Calypso on the main technical aspect, which is obviously for CNA an acknowledgement of its performances, they are not following “Calypso philosophy”: owned by manufacturers, their interest is to remain proprietary.

Calypso is the appropriate solution suited to transport and mobility needs. It stems from an approach that transport operators introduced in the nineties. It is open technology, free from any manufacturing monopoly making it both economical and adaptable to evolving future technology changes.

The Calypso vision is to meet the current and future demands and requirements of all the transport providers in the world.

Calypso offers a standardized and multi-application solution while preserving individual data protection.

Calypso technology is a bespoke and progressive solution for all transport operators and authorities.