Calypso Test Kit

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The Calypso Test Kit aims at helping ticketing system developers to fully experience Eclipse Keyple with a set of Calypso SAM and Calypso certified portable objects from several manufacturers in various configurations. 

The test kit contains 2 SAMs and 10 cards representative of the Calypso offer among those presented in the table below.

- 2 SAM C1, version 1.3
- 1 CD21 – rev3.2, from ST Microelectronics
- 1 Celego G1 v1, from Gemalto-Thales
  1 Celego G-CLAP v1, Classic, from Gemalto-Thales
  1 Celego G-CLAP v1,
Reference, from Gemalto-Thales
-1 Cosmo Fly v6.0 from Idemia
-1 ELIPSE Calypso v1, Classic, from Selp
 1 ELIPSE Calypso v1, Reference, from Selp
- 1 TanGO+ Flash from Paragon ID
  1 TanGO CLAP v1 Classic from Paragon ID
  1 TanGO CLAP v1 Reference from Paragon ID
- 1 TimeCOS CLAP v1 Classic from Watchdata

  1 TimeCOS CLAP v1 Reference from Watchdata
- 1 SOMA Atlas v1, ISO14443 A from HID Global
  1 SOMA Atlas v1,  ISO14443 B from HID Global
  1 SOMA Atlas CLAP v1,Classic from HID Global
  1 SOMA Atlas CLAP v1, Reference, from HID Global

This set of cards is intended to be as representative as possible of the diversity of existing Calypso certified products.
Please note that the composition of each kit may vary according to stock and will be specified at the time of purchase.



290 euros  HT ( Public Price )
200 euros HT ( CNA members Price )

Please note that bank charges and shipping costs will be at your expense depending on the country 

You’ll find attached the manual user of the Keyple Test Kit: it describes the Kit’s content and provides all the information necessary for its use. While it doesn’t include the elements contained in the Calypso specifications, it does provides references and links to useful documents. 

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All cards included in the Test kit are contributions from the following partners.