The Calypso certified products

List of certified Portable Objects (PO) :

Since beginning 2020, the Calypso PO certification process has been managed by an independant Certification Body, Paycert. You will find on the CNA-Paycert certicification website all the certificates, issued directly by CNA before 2020 and those issued by Paycert then.

List of Terminal labels :

Product Name Version Company Date
Conduent - VPE 430 h: 87 732 394 V01, f: LibAB V01-11-21r306 Conduent 06/12/2019
Microsafe - MCV - 100 Enkyros h:BeagleBone black, f:r306, s:306 Microsafe 07/10/2019
Conduent - MDS 415 h:87 732 291, f:LibAB V01-11-13 / Reader Atmel V01-07, s:LibAB V01-11-13 / Reader Atmel V01-07 Conduent 03/07/2019
Bluebird - EF501 h: EF501, s:0.0.4 Bluebird 25/05/2018
Parkeon - Unicore V1 h:CLESS_TLB_SNCF 36893 Flowbird 08/11/2017
Conduent - CSC Module h:87 728 108 V01 Conduent 03/05/2017
Conduent - CAS 412 h:87 727 233 V01 Conduent 03/05/2017
Conduent - BCS 400 h:87 727 898 V01 Conduent 08/03/2017
Conduent - VPE 415 h:87 727 226 V01 Conduent 20/02/2017
Parkeon - Unicore mode TPV f:SPI_1.0.0.26288 Flowbird 13/12/2013
Parkeon - Unicore mode DAT f:CL_DVL_1.0.26288 Flowbird 13/12/2013
Parkeon - Axio MFRC531 f:SPI_1.0.0.26288 Flowbird 13/12/2013
Samsung SDS - SAM-CRM-13 h:v1.0, f:v1.0 Samsung 09/10/2013
SpringCard - Crazy Writer h:31, f:v1.53, s:v1.10 SpringCard 25/02/2010
AEP - Futura 3A h:3A.A00, f:v1.00, s:v2.53 AEP 25/02/2010

In no event shall CNA be held responsible for any direct or indirect consequence or damage whatsoever that might result from the utilization of the audited equipment. In no event shall CNA be bound to substitute itself to the manufacturer of the audited equipment to carry out the guarantees which it is contractually or legally under the obligation to ensure to its clients and customers concerning the audited equipment. The audit does not guarantee that the audited equipment complies with any norms, standards and legal regulations to which its use may be subject.